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200 Alarm Clock Fundraiser

posted Feb 16, 2015, 11:00 AM by Manchester Foundation for Education   [ updated Feb 16, 2015, 11:02 AM ]
200 Alarm Clock Fundraiser
Originally posted on February 29, 2012 by Manchester Foundation for Education

Chronic absenteeism and tardiness have been linked to lower student achievement, disengagement from school, and dropping out. The Manchester School District is looking at ways to improve student attendance and Manchester Foundation for Education would like to support these efforts by providing school administrators and guidance counselors with alarm clocks to distribute to students who have difficulty getting to school on time or habitually miss their bus. Many young children are responsible for getting themselves up and to school on their own because of their parent’s work schedule or other home factors. Sometimes it is more than they can handle. A new alarm clock and a session with the guidance counselor to learn how to use it may be all that is needed. For other children the alarm clock may be part of a more intensive intervention program. It is a well-known fact that teenagers have difficulty getting up in the morning. For some kids it is nearly impossible. In these cases a “2-alarm-clock system” is needed. Students have one by the bed to wake them up and another across the room to force them out of bed. Providing students with alarm clocks is a recognized best practice used in school districts around the country including Raleigh, NC, Boston, MA, and New York City . Our goal is to buy 200 alarm clocks which will be distributed to staff at all of the Manchester elementary, middle and high schools. Please help us help a child become a success. Your tax deductible donation of $25 will enable us to buy two alarm clocks and get them into the schools. Please send your donation to Manchester Foundation for Education, P.O. Box 6424, Manchester, NH 03108. To learn more about attendance and other factors that indicate that a child is at risk of dropping out we recommend this report from Everyone Graduates.