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Our very own Stacey Weigler — 2012 Mom Congress Delegate for NH

posted Feb 18, 2015, 5:35 PM by Manchester Foundation for Education   [ updated Feb 18, 2015, 5:35 PM ]
Originally posted on December 12, 2012 by Manchester Foundation for Education under News

Meet the 2012 Mom Congress New Hampshire Delegate December 12, 2012


Stacey Weigler is the 2012 Mom Congress Delegate for New Hampshire. She has spent the past five years volunteering at her children’s school, Highland Goffe’s Falls Elementary. Each year she has become more deeply involved in advocating for increased parent engagement, improved curriculum and overall improved student achievement. Currently Stacey serves as Vice President of Manchester Foundation for Education, a non-profit local education foundation. In addition to her volunteer efforts, Stacey works as a liturgical musician, singing at several parishes in the Diocese of Manchester. Stacey lives in Manchester, NH with her husband, Scott and her children, Thomas and Madison.

What book is currently on your nightstand?  Caught by Harlan Coben.

One thing that is going great in education in your state:  The New Hampshire high school dropout rate is among the best in the Country. In the 2010-2011 school year the state dropout rate was under 1%.

One thing you wish could be improved in education in your state:  New Hampshire continues to struggle with adequate education funding throughout the state. An amendment to the state constitution is being considered. The amendment would target education funding to the communities most in need. Currently the state funds education equally regardless of the financial resources/need of the community.

Your favorite teacher (and why):  My favorite teacher was Miss Crane, my 7th grade English teacher. She was strict but cared about our success as students. Each week we were responsible for memorizing a short news article and presenting it to the class. I am sure that this activity strengthened my ability to speak in front of a group. She was also a stickler for proper grammar, a quality I admire to this day.

Your hero:  Parents who make good choices by working hard and providing for their family.

Biggest wish for your kids: I want my children to arrive wherever their dreams take them. My husband and I want them to know that as long as they try their best, regardless of the outcome, we will be proud of their effort.

Most rewarding/challenging stage of parenthood thus far (and why):  The most challenging stage was when my children were four and two. The attention that they required was sometimes overwhelming. The most rewarding stage of parenthood, so far, is right now. My children are now eight and ten-years-old and becoming individuals who constantly amaze us.

Favorite subject in school (and why):  American History–I enjoy reading and learning about how our country started. The foresight of our founding fathers always amazes me.

Secret indulgence:  Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Favorite quote: “It is better to beg forgiveness, than ask permission.” ― Grace Murray Hopper

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